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Common Questions 

How to consign the with us?

You need to provide your car information, such as car model, year, mileage, number of lots, pictures, and we will make a quotation to you.

Car Valuation Process

After we receive your enquiry, we will reply you with the highest closing price. After accepting the quotation, we will directly come to quote and check the condition of the body. If the car is in good condition, we will confirm the final quotation with you. You will receive all payments on the day of settlement.

Test Drive

Depends on the price of the car. We charge a test drive fee of 10% of the car price for each test drive.

Valuation service

Free of charge, we will reply you as soon as possible within 1 hour.

Pricing is based on past and real-time market data, reflecting the actual market value of each vehicle, ensuring you get the best price for your vehicle.

Car loan

"Auto Club" refers to car loans. If you intend to pay with a loan, we will make an initial assessment based on past experience. If there is no problem with the preliminary assessment, we will directly submit the application for the meeting for you and wait for the bank's approval


We provide a one-stop service, we have special personnel to complete all the documents for you, such as retaining licenses, decking licenses, and transferring ownership. The process is transparent, so that customers can buy with confidence.

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